Installation Instructions

Using Compatible Cartridges

• Check you have received the right cartridges, the numbers should correspond with what is in your printer, even if the letters are different. (CLI 526 BK could be CC 526 BK)

• Not every printer model is listed on the box. 

• The compatible cartridges may look slightly different to the original cartridge.

• If you cartridge appears to be damaged or leaking please contact us for a replacement.

Installing Compatible Cartridges

Never leave your printer without a cartridge.   

Avoid touching the gold chip with your fingers.

1. Remove any outer packaging and any yellow tape from the cartridge.

2. Hold cartridge with ink outlet to upside and remove protective caps (usually orange colour)  

3. Insert ink cartridge checking it is seated securely in place. (Brother cartridges need to be pressed firmly to break the ink outlet seal)

4. Close printer cover and check that the cartridge is recognised by the printer.

5. You may receive a warning asking if you would like to continue using non-genuine cartridges. Click ok. If all is well replace the next empty cartridge. 



Cartridge does not fit

• Check you have received the correct cartridge.

Cartridge not recognised

• Clean the contacts by rubbing the gold chip with a pencil rubber and reinstall the cartridge.

• Check the contact points on the cartridge and on the print head are aligned when installed.

• With the new cartridge installed, unplug the printer and then plug it back in.

Print quality poor or blank

• Check yellow tape has been removed.

• Check ink outlet seal has been punctured.

• Run a clean cycle or deep clean from your printer’s ink or maintenance menu.